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* Search hits in the decoded version of files were erroneously highlighted in File mode, with their artificial offsets. That was avoided.  
* Fixed an error in the way that the 64-bit edition read exFAT file systems.  
* Fixed an error that could occur when copying e-mails with extremely long subject lines and attachments to an evidence file container.  
* Avoided warning about evidence objects in use in some situations where it is not necessary.  
* Fixed incorrect checkmark states in the Type filter dialog after double-clicking that could occur in Windows versions newer than XP.  
* Some minor improvements.  
* X-Ways Imager download updated with v16.8. Now includes a 64-bit edition, which is very useful as a powerful disk imaging and disk cloning program for the 64-bit edition of the lightweight Windows PE or FE.
* A 64-bit edition of the ordinary (not dongle-based) version of WinHex is now available to users with a professional or specialist license. Memory requirements of WinHex are very low, so that the extended logical memory address space of the 64-bit edition does not count as an advantage, however, unlike the 32-bit edition, the 64-bit edition can be executed from a 64-bit Windows PE such as the one that you can boot from your 64-bit Windows 7 or Windows 8 installation CD. This is useful for example if you wish to edit/repair or wipe sectors in the partition that contains your installation of Windows Vista or later, which are write-protected by Windows otherwise. More information about Windows PE  
Licensed users can retrieve the download link of the additional 64-bit files from the usual web page.  
The setup program remains a 32-bit program. As a portable application, WinHex does not need to be and should not be installed using the setup program.  
* Avoided an infinite loop that could occur in v16.8 when running a file header signature search for index.dat records in free space.  
* Fixed an exception error that could occur when loading old variants of the old evidence file container format.  
* Prevented a rare exception error that could occur when taking snapshots of Ext file systems.  
* Some minor improvements.
* Fixed an exception error in the 32-bit edition of X-Ways Forensics 16.8 that could occur after taking a snapshot of FAT volumes.  
* Creating many thousands of report table associations at a time or importing them from an evidence file container could be very slow in v16.8. That was fixed.  
* Intelligent naming for prefetch files in file header signature search.  
* Some other minor improvements.
* Some issues in X-Ways Imager were fixed.  
* The owner ID of files originating from NTFS volumes was not passed on from 1st generation evidence file containers to 2nd generation containers. That was fixed.  
* Sorting by evidence object no longer sorts alphabetically, but by the position of the evidence object in the case tree. This is much faster and perhaps even expected or desired by most users.  
* The "Do not sort list" command now automatically refills the directory browser with the same items in the order in which they are referenced by the volume snapshot(s). Useful especially for users of X-Ways Investigator who are used to working with an unsorted list, accidentally click a column header and do not know how to refill the directory browser.  
* Detects certain non-standard GIF pictures that can cause exception errors and does not try to process them any more to avoid problems.  
* Ability to supply your own bitmap (16x16 pixels) that marks files as already viewed in the directory browser if you do not like the standard light green color. Provide it as a file named 9.bmp in the same directory where the .exe file is located.  
* Some other minor improvements.
* Improved ability to extract sender and recipient fields from artificial PST e-mail archives created by SysTools NSF to PST conversion.  
* Minor improvements in Exchange EDB extraction.  
* Registry report for Windows 8 registry hives as complete as for earlier Windows versions.  
* X-Tensions that are invoked via Tools | Run X-Tensions are now applied by default to the active data window if a data window is open, just like via Specialist | Refine Volume Snapshot.
* Avoided certain situations where tagging a large number of files in large volume snapshots was extremely slow. (Please report back if you continue to have such a problem.)  
* Some other minor improvements.
* Fixed an error that could occur when extracting e-mail from Exchange EDB databases.  
* Since v16.4, the Type and Category filters did not reliably address all numeric file types such as .123, .000, .001. That was fixed.  
* Fixed an exception error that could occur under certain circumstances when creating previews for index.dat files.  
* Fixed a rare exception error that could occur when extracting e-mail from MBox e-mail archives.  
* Fixed freeze that could occur when processing certain files named cache.db.  
* Improved compatibility of evidence file containers of the new format mounted with Mount Image Pro when copying directories using Windows Explorer.
* File type verification signatures slightly updated.  
* Fixed an error that could occur when processing SQLite databases.  
* Fixed some errors that could occur when processing certain corrupt files.  
* Prevented a situation where the 64-bit edition could hang when using the option "Skip and exclude data in free clusters" in disk imaging.  
* Fixed an error in v16.8 that in certain situations (more often on computers with many processor cores) created a small amount of invisible surplus data at the end of compressed .e01 evidence files which could lead to a wrong verification hash and a read or CRC error message in other tools although all the data that was presented and user-accessible in the same tools was 100% correct.  
* Fixed errors that could occur when reaching the limit of ~176 million search hits.
* Fixed a data error that occurred when imaging media with more than 4,294,967,295 sectors.  
* Avoided an exception error with certain non-standard volume labels in FAT file systems.  
* Fixed an exception error that could occur in the 64-bit edition when processing .evtx event log files.  
* Fixed an exception error that could occur when processing certain MSG files.  
* Some minor improvements and fixes.
* E-mail extraction from MSG files improved.  
* Prevented distorted text proportions that could occur on cover pages when printing multiple files with the viewer component at the same time.  
* Fixed an error in the search function of the registry viewer.  
* Fixed crash of the Recover/Copy function with overlong file paths in the not dongle-based version of WinHex.  
* Available as X-Ways Forensics, X-Ways Investigator and WinHex without a forensic license.

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На первую страницук этому сообщениюк последнему сообщению

Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Компьютеры » Программы » X-Ways WinHex

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