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* As part of the volume snapshot refinement, X-Ways Forensics can generate thumbnails of high-quality digital photos to accelerate the gallery. It is now possible to select the resolution (maximum width or height in pixels) and quality (JPEG compression factor) in the user interface. However, the maximum amount of data that can be stored in the volume snapshot for a thumbnail is limited, to 64 KB, so if a generated thumbnail gets larger than that, X-Ways Forensics will automatically reduce the user-defined resolution accordingly.
* Smaller versions of pictures can now optionally be generated specifically for the report, to greatly reduce the memory requirements of the Internet browser or word processing application when loading the HTML report, and to accelerate. This can make a big difference for reports with many high-resolution photos. The JPEG compression factor is user-definable. The resolution depends on the specified "maximum dimensions of pictures".
The checkbox that represents this option is a 3-state checkbox. If half checked, the smaller versions of the pictures are used only for the preview directly in the HTML report. If fully checked, even when clicking the picture in the report you will only see the smaller version, and the original larger file is not included in the report at all. This can be beneficial if your main concern is the drive space requirement of your report with linked files, not the output quality of pictures.
* The report can now optionally also show previews/thumbnails of non-picture files, e.g. Office documents, e-mails, web pages, programming source code, etc. etc., similar to the gallery. You can shrink the preview representation slightly or a lot or not at all, to either be able to read some of the text right in the report without opening the document or to get a better impression of the overall formatting of the text and just see logos etc.
* If you output one specific report table in the case report, the suggested report name is now automatically based on the name of that report table.
* In the properties of a case you can now specify whether you prefer to have X-Ways Forensics use the case-specific directory of temporary files (the _temp subdirectory of that case) instead of the general one, when that case is active.
* Loose $MFT files can now be directly and conveniently interpreted as if they were NTFS volumes, to get at least a full listing of all files and directories, with their paths, timestamps and attributes. It's possible to open resident files (files whose contents is small enough to fit into the FILE records), but no other files, of course. Useful if in special situations all you have is the $MFT, not the entire volume.
* Finds more sessions of multi-session CDs/DVDs with CDFS immediately, without having to run a particularly thorough file system data structure search.
* Avoids session duplication on CDs/DVDs with CDFS where additional sessions are found only through a particularly thorough file system data structure search.
* The "1 hit per file needed only" option of the logical simultaneous search now no longer skips the slack of a file once a hit in the logical part has been found if "Open and search files incl. slack" is fully checked. It will check the slack for at most 1 additional hit as well.
* Previews and views of pictures (not with the viewer component) now additional show the names of associated report tables in the upper left corner and the names of matching PhotoDNA categories in the lower right corner.
* There is now an option to limit the search for lost partitions on physical media to the sectors that follow the current cursor position.
* Reports the total number of unreadable sectors in the disk imaging log in addition to the affected sector ranges.
* Same fix level as v18.6 SR-1.

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Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Компьютеры » Программы » X-Ways WinHex

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