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Модерирует : gyra, Maz

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all PSPad dialog style was changed from ToolWindow to the standard Dialog form. It should remove problems with application switching, double PSPad window in some taskbar replacement e.t.c.
internal HTML highlighter has possibility to define own windows sizes in wwwtools.ini file
interactive template window set width to the longest caption
Scripting support - new function getVarValue(variable[, filename]: string): string. It returns value of any PSPad variable. Second paramater is optional, is used fo filename related variables
Scripting support - new function pspadPath returns path to PSPad exe include last delimiter
Remove redundant spaces dialog remembers setting during PSPad session
Insert text to lines dialog - possibility skip empty lines
Option Copy non matched in Search dialog is back
Newly created FTP connection is highlighted after Copy FTP settings function
partialy speed-up text reformat function, added progressbar
in the [Special setings section] added variable MultiHLUpToSize to determine max. file size in bytes for multihighlighter
Eyedropper takes color from whole desktop, not from primarry monitor only
Log color respect editor colors
Cobol Code Explorer works with AREA highlighter settings
drawing - some chars artefacts after wordwrap
some UNDO corrections
problem with System resources on Windows 9x
Text differences - nonnumbered bookmarks wasn't visible
user highlighter for Verilog
Auto completion window position was behind screen edges in some cases
handled PSPAD.EXE in Hex editor problem after start
Code explorer for AutoHotkey - functions
Internal HTML preview and VBScript - HTML envelop was inserted
Interactive templates - checkbox ignores delimiter settings
HTML Code explorer and TBODY element
Program settings - incorrect value was set for file tab style
Reload functions resets highlighter to default

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Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Компьютеры » Программы » PSPad

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