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Модерирует : gyra, Maz

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* mplayer mencoder = Sherpya-SVN-r30945-4.2.5
* profiles updated: b-pyramid=normal, b-rdo and bime removed
* support MediaInfo.dll 0.7.29
* profiles updated, removed some profiles
+ added supported exts, so you can't select unsupported ext for profile
- 3gp did not work in r30945?
* correct path to MediaInfo.dll
* mplayer mencoder = Sherpya-SVN-r31170-4.2.5
* profiles updated: some subme elevated
* MediaInfo.dll 0.7.33
* some improvement for frozen autocrop function on short video *.VOB
+ crop function improvement
* mkvmerge 4.0.0
+ crop dialog window, cursor keys also moves border buttons
+ check, if not exists external tool or dir, highlight them
+ unexpand environment vars: TEMP TMP ProgramFiles ALLUSERSPROFILE
* mplayer mencoder = Sherpya-SVN-r31372-4.2.5 (WebM support)
+ trayicon added again. (Do not run minimized. I dont know how to resolve it.)
* trayicon minor change around starting application minimized
+ in context menu for files added two menu items: mvkmerge GUI open file
    and mkvmerge GUI open result
* mplayer mencoder = Sherpya-SVN-r32198-4.2.5
* mkvmerge 4.3.0
* MediaInfo.dll 0.7.35
* fixed bug with skin enabling when was disabled at last time running
+ added button "Information" for MediaInfo
+ added checkbox "Minimize to tray"
+ added mmg.exe and dlls to full version archive
* fixed changing of extension by combobox "Container"
+ added path for mmg.exe to settings, so some sets moved to new tab "View"
+ added first attempt to calculate output size, do not believe it
* fixed bug: audiobitrate while encoding two or more tracks
+ balloon hint
* fixed: default audio profile string didnt saved
+ profiles updated for compatibility with MP4 and MKV containers:
    added to x264 missed parameter "global_header",
    added to faac missed parameter "raw",
    so no need for MKVtoolnix and mp4box now, but still can be used
    in some cases.
* fixed: container setting didnt saved
* some changes in interface
* MediaInfo.dll 0.7.36
- MKVtoolnix and mp4box removed from archive with full version
* if mkv contains subtitles, mencoder overlays it on video by default.
    now can choose what subtitle or not will be on video
* another way to calculate videobitrate for files less than 640*480:  
    vbitrate = w * h * fps * $Koeff / sqrt(w * h) / 450
    it will be bigger bitrate and better quality for low frame size videos
* profiles updated:  
    removed "opt" values,
    removed ":raw" in faac, because mkvmerge cannot multiplex raw aac files
+ MKVtoolnix and mp4box added again into archive with full version
+ checkboxes: use mp4box and mkvtools,  
    mencoder can encode into this containers, but with only one audio track,
    cannot multiplex it with no problem
* button "Play result" plays source
* mmg cannot find file with spaces in name
* fixed: error occures on no video files "Invalid floating point operation"
* some changes in listview, added size, removed
* profiles updated: removed "global_header",
   it produced wrong raw video, while encoding with use mkvmerge or mp4box,
   for encoding without use mkvmerge or mp4box to add parameters
   "global_header" and "raw" during encoding according adjustments
+ denoiser
* fixed: dark skins - pathes - black font color on black background
+ if mplayer.exe not exists then trying to find it in upper dir
+ external audio track
* format of file of profiles was changed: removed "pass1", "pass2", "pass3",
    added "pass" and "ovc". Now program will uses same parameters for first
    and second passes for simplicity.
* mplayer r32492 does not identify frame rate for some mkv with 23.976 fps,
    instead show as 24.000 fps, so a/v desync. Now used mediainfo for mkv
* preview calculates size and aspect ratio
* some broken avi files added as avs cause mplayer freeze, now used
    "DirectShowSource()" instead "AviSource()"
* buttons for mmg and mkvextract was exchanged
+ added edit x264 options form
* mplayer mencoder = return to Sherpya-SVN-r32198-4.2.5
    r32492 x264 create not acceptable video
* mkvmerge 4.4.0
* MediaInfo.dll 0.7.37
* some options added to x264 form
* profiles saved to file "gui4menc0_profiles.ini"
* profiles renewed for x264, now used presets
+ on select scale recalculate bitrate
+ can have many files with profiles
* fixed: if creation of short filenames disabled in registry,  
    "NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation=1", mplayer cannot find file with unicode
    chars in name, now if gui4menc0 not found short filename then creates it,
    if folder`s name contains unicode chars, make sure that no program used
    this folder
* battle for short names
* extract subtitles from mkv
* AlphaControls updated to 7.25, 06.12.2010
* changed way to disable subtitles
+ audio filters - volume normalize
* normalize didn't work
* MediaInfo.dll 0.7.38
* short name generates with ~
* some minor changes
* fixed: default extension "mkv" works only
* mplayer mencoder = Sherpya-SVN-r32674-4.2.5
* mp4box 0.4.6 Revision: 2485
* AlphaControls updated to 7.26, 20.12.2010
* fixed: show balloon
* fixed: for skins, saturation and hue offset did not saved
* external subtitles with long path name
* fixed extracting subtitles with same names
* fixed skinning of add files window
* fixed: rotate menu can start empty
+ added button "Cancel" on form for files loading
+ form for files loading appears on drop files  
+ added select file in dialog "Save profiles as..."
+ drag and drop in listview
+ new items in popupmenu
* moved some tabsheets
+ track name of audio to mkv
* mplayer mencoder = Sherpya-SVN-r32735-4.2.5
* MediaInfo.dll 0.7.41
* mkvtoolnix 4.5.0
+ sort audio tracks by drag and drop, so only checked tracks
    will be encoded now
+ added buttons for sort files and audio tracks
* fixed creating temp dir for avs if not exist
* AlphaControls updated to 7.32, 24.02.2011

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Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Компьютеры » Программы » gui4menc0 (GUI for MEncoder)

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