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Модерирует : gyra, Maz

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Engaged Clown

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Version 1.87 features a complete overhaul of Tixati's local file handling.
Individual files within a transfer can be independently moved to any location on your hard-drive, even while downloading or seeding is in progress. Files, folders, and entire transfers can also be renamed with ease, without interruption.
Files that are unselected (red X in the download column) now have a Delete option to remove them from the local hard-drive. A forced-check can also be initiated on individual files.
The sequencing of checking/allocating/moving operations has also been greatly improved. The operation queue is now device-aware, and will allow allocation or move operations to carry out concurrently if they are not using conflicting devices.
Numerous other minor aspects of file handling have been improved, such as default file permissions, locking, head+tail priority widths, fast-allocation algorithms, spam_detecteding criteria, and error handling.
There have also been several other minor improvements in other parts of the program. Magnet links will now resolve immediately, even if the transfer is locally queued. The RSS reader has had a few feed compatibility work-arounds. Many GUI fixes have been made.
Because the latest revision to Tixati has involved scrapping and re-designing very large and important parts of the program, we ask that everyone be especially diligent in this beta-test. Please report any problems in the forum, and be sure to mention the exact version you are using. There is also a beta-test discussion channel at Tixati v1.87 Beta Chat (copy and paste this link into the 'Add Channel' window if you don't have the dsc: association set up in your OS).
We intend to complete beta-testing as soon as possible (hopefully a week or two) so that the new features will be available in a general release without delay. From this point we will shift our focus to other aspects of the Transfers system that need improvement, as well as continuing work on improving the Channels system (particularly streaming) and the RSS reader.
IMPORTANT: Please bear in mind that this is BETA edition software. It is being made available so that our advanced users can contribute to the development process by testing new features on a wide variety of systems and configurations. We have taken every possible precaution and have done several hundred hours of in-house testing on dozens of configurations, and don't expect any problems. However, it has not been widely tested, and as with any edition of our software, you run it at your own risk. When beta-testing, due to the major changes in this version, we recommend you always keep a recent backup of your Tixati config files using the import/export function or manual backup via your OS's file explorer.
Please check this page daily for updates. Tixati's built-in auto-updater only runs once per week, and we may be releasing new beta editions within this series on very short notice.

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На первую страницук этому сообщениюк последнему сообщению

Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Компьютеры » Программы » Tixati


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