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Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Компьютеры » Программы » wxHexEditor - редакторирование дисков, HEX и Data Recovery

Модерирует : gyra, Maz

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Engaged Clown

Gold Member
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Added OS types to program title.
Fixed Backward/Forward search/replace gauge calculation with wrap around option.
Removed some unneccessary event trigging from keyboard input, speeds up cursor a bit.
Automated setting offset_scroll values at HexEditorCtrl::ReadFromBuffer.
Added Clear button to Search Panel.
Fixed Replace doesn't update UNDO
Added better formatting to checksum result.
Added copy checksum result to clipboard.
Removed StatusBar Cursor Offset zeros from beginning.
Fixed Tag offset show broken for big offsets at panel.
Fixed Keyboard move break selection.
Implemented native like selection on Text Control.
Fixed Keyboard selection delay.
Fixed Checksum file detection on custom file picks.
Fixed comparison operation for MSW
Added Debug Frame for redirecting MSW stdout. (Enabled via _DEBUG_ definition.)
Added "Smart Escape" feature to GoTo dialog. Now escape clears current active field. If escape pressed on clear field, closes the dialog.
Fixed Go to Dialog illegal key position walking on MSW.
Fixed clearing all tag/search/compare panels on close of file.
Fixed default positioning of Data Interpreter Panel at Win/OSX
Disabled Win Devices that we cannot open currently
Search speed up, also for Unicode UTF8 search.
Added OpenMP libs flags to makefile. OpenMP still req OPTFLAGS="-fopenmp".
Fixed Compare operation, Stop after N match counts merged diffs as 2.
Added random color Quick TAG creation without info.
Fixed Offset Scroll usage for lines instead of pages.
Show sectors via thin red line for Disk access
Added Previous & Next Sector buttons to GOTO dialog.
Silenced some compilation warnings.
Fixed parallel make.
Added cancel button to Find/Replace dialog.(We don't like GNOME3)
Rendering speedup.
Implemented Find/Replace Dialog reverse search option.
Allowed operation without offset control.
Allowed Hex editor alone operation.
Allowed Text editor alone operation.
Added LBA adressing mode, Sector+Offset support.
Fixed XORView key entry for OSX/WIN
Added Import & Export TAGs support.
Added Octal offset support.
Added Compare: merge sections feature.
Added stack overflow issues on CompareDialog::Compare().
Fixed Notepad file selections undo/redo disabling.
Added some cross-compile helper to makefile.
Implemented Fill Selection function.
Added Save as Dump for saving selection as a file.
Added some help strings into menubar.
Disabled paste operation if selection is true.
Changed empty tags, now shown as Tag's Number + Offset at TagPanel.
Added CTRL+G shortcut to" Go to Offset" dialog.
Changed Goto Offset as Go to Offset.
Changed default PREFIX to /usr/local
Updated home url and mail
Implemented Find Some Bytes button to find dialog.
Fixed cursor misslocation on text/hex input at end of the screen.
Fixed minus sector count at at InfoPanel.
Fixed XORView check on file selections.
Added Hexadecimal key support at XORView dialog.
Added old value memory to all dialogs.
Replaced hash calculation init with for looped one.
Added OpenMP acceleration to Checksum calculation.
Added Devices SubMenu categorization.
Changed file progress block sizes from 1MB to 128KB.
Added mhash library for checksum calculations.
Dropped Hashlib++ due some licenses in included files.
Implemented CopyAs Dialog remembers old values.
Changed CopyAs HTML Tags <code> tags with <span>...
Added CopyAs Format WiKi and WiKi with TAGs.
Added CopyAs Dialog Byte Per Line option.
Added Offset/Hex/Text part options for CopyAs functions.
Implemented HTML with TAGs Support. Hey this looks good!
Implemented CopyAs Internet HTML and phpBB forum functions.
Implemented CopyAs BigEndian support.  
Implemented CopyAs Text/Hex/C/C++ and ASM (Without BigEndian and HTML support)
Added C/C++ type hex paste input.
Fixed unmatched case text search.
Fixed saveAs corruption due progress bar.
Fixed error message typo.
Fixed Compare Dialog result corruption for bigger than MB files.
Fixed slow ASCI Text find.
Added speed indicator to search progress gauges.
Added speed indicator to hash progres dialog.
Fixed File comparison dialog error for < 1 MB files.
Fixed MacOSX File:Quit menu bug while file was open.

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Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Компьютеры » Программы » wxHexEditor - редакторирование дисков, HEX и Data Recovery

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