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Модерирует : gyra, Maz

gyra (06-02-2018 10:47): 360 Extreme Explorer (и другие браузеры компании 360 (Qihoo)  Версия для печати • ПодписатьсяДобавить в закладки
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February 2 Update ( New  
1, optimize the new tab hot news  
2, repair user feedback and BUG
January 22 update (  
 1, the new tab new hot news  
 2, small window mode optimization  
 3, repair user feedback and BUG
January 5 Update (
1, new mining protection  
2, enhance browser security, prevent attackers exploit CPU vulnerability to maliciously steal personal data  
3, repair user feedback and BUG
December 15 Update (
 1, repair user feedback and BUG
November 17 Update (
1, repair chrome55 above vulnerabilities  
2, smooth scroll optimization  
3, optimize user feedback problems  
4, repair a few crashes
Update log: October 26 update (
1, the option page to set the print shortcut to ctrl + shift + pgdn  
2, repair the skin, fonts and wallpaper related BUG  
3, to solve the problem of failure of file download on a particular machine  
4, optimize the certificate blocking page  
5, repair a few crashes  
6, repair a few crashes
Update log: September 27 update (
 1, solve Youku and Tencent video small window  
 2, the option page to support the main interface font size  
 3, according to the custom font size, adjust the address bar, search bar and favorites ui Effect  
 4, the font size settings page, support the English language  
 5, to solve the dual screen shows a residual problem  
 6, repair other user feedback and bug
Update log: September 14 update (
1, to solve the problem did not check the password after the synchronization of small red dot problems  
2, adjust the bulk of the user panel pop-up problem  
3, repair apk download window white bar
Update log: September 11 update (
1, the option page to add shortcut keys set  
2, optimize the speed of 9 skin in the middle of the column display  
3, repair import collection, clean up the redundant collection, will not clear the collection of problems  
4, repair broken network, synchronization There are problems in the state, you can display in each window  
5, repair other BUG and feedback
Update log: August 21 update (
1, repair may lead to the collapse of the problem
Update log: August 18 update (
1, modify the crash  
2, H5 video in full screen window toolbar is not displayed, turned off by default direct write fonts
3, turned off by default direct write fonts
4, the default ie kernel URL, changed to the default standard mode open  
5, Repair now set import and collection import is separate, need to add the problem separately  
6, Modify the system status bar set at the top of the computer display, start the browser, check the top of the browser at the bottom of the system status bar, causing the problem of occlusion  
7, Repair skin sync manual sync button also grayed out  
8, repair when the address bar down to match the content is empty, the display "direct access" problem  
9, solve the system through the aero border docked the main window, the next start can not restore the window position  
10, To solve the 150dpi main frame shadow border shows abnormal problems  
11, the big picture shows the state being synchronized  
12, modify the resume button right-click menu bouncing problem  
13, for the left side of the address bar icon to increase the drag and drop function  
14, the big picture panel in the privacy mode to modify the picture automatically log on  
15, modify the address display prompt text logic  
16, repair the new tab when the input does not trigger the update to display the two-dimensional code problem  
17, the label bar to draw the activation of the label width changes issued after the notification label width change  
18, modify the English version of the name of the resource control
Update log: August 4 update (
 1, repair the mouse gesture can not close the last label problem
Update log: August 3 update (
1, wallpaper support in the new tab effective or the entire browser effective  
2, optimize the browser English language support  
3, support to hold shift / ctrl select multiple labels  
4, optimize the speed of 7 skin  
5, optimize the browser login panel  
6, Fix user feedback and bug
Update log: July 19 update (
1, repair shortcut keys F4 can not use the problem  
2, repair the password is lost and can not automatically fill the problem  
3, optimize the expansion of synchronization  
4, optimize the skin synchronization and inheritance  
5, optimize the user feedback browser skin problems  
6, repair mainstream video site, h5 video No video small window problem  
7, optimize browser performance
Update log: July 16 update (
1, repair the wallpaper after the upgrade is not normal skin synchronization problems
Update log: July 14 update (
 1, the skin center to replace the entrance of the wallpaper  
 2, optimize the expansion of synchronization  
 3, the new installation interface  
 4, between the address bar and search bar support drag  
 5, increase the speed of 7 theme skin  
 6, in the speed kernel page right-click menu to increase the encoding function  
 7, repair a few may lead to the collapse of the problem  
 8, repair the user feedback Ali website password form problem  
 9, restore the right menu
Update log: July 8 update (
1, repair the status bar abnormal problem
Update log: July 7 update (
 1, youtube h5 video support video small window play  
 2, optimize the image magnifier  
 3, optimize the address bar drop-down list display  
 4, repair the browser using the microphone / camera address bar permissions bubble in the win10 does not show the problem  
 5, optimize the skin, the new cold skin  
 6, the new password form time machine  
 7, speed 8 / edge / blue Yue move / cotton candy support download the task, in the download button shows the little red dot  
 8, repair shrink the size of the form, the picture shows the white bar  
 9, repair the main interface Favorites button pull down does not support the mouse button function  
 10, repair online crash
Update log: July 3 update (
1, speed 9 acquiescence skin increase download complete in the download button shows a small red dot  
2, repair the developer tool window zoom, restore the window affect the original page problem  
3, repair in the 360 personal center to replace the picture, did not immediately update the browser picture problem  
4, repair the new tab, the right address bar can not copy the title and URL issues  
5, repair pptv video small window exception problem  
6, optimize the skin  
7, repair online crash  
8, repair the default skin trapezoidal label, fixed label shows abnormal problems  
9, optimize the image magnifier function
Update log: June 28 update (
1, repair the extension management page only in the ordinary window to open  
2, repair chrome://myextensions/ interface display is not centered  
3, from other browsers import settings, support se8 / se7  
4, repair the dark address under the page zoom button can not see  
5, repair the label bar font fuzzy problem
6, repair sound button layout exception  
7, repair qq space multiple pictures save the same file name problem  
8, repair speed 9 browser window can not be scaled to a small problem  
9, repair the password form can not automatically fill and save the problem  
10, optimize the skin
Update log: June 25 update (
 1, increase aero skin  
 2, skin support synchronization and inheritance  
 3, optimize the image magnifier  
 4, repair the developer tool does not support the size of the record window  
 5, repair options page only on the activation of the label shows the close button, the function does not take effect  
 6, repair other bugs
Update log: June 16 update (
1, optimize the speed of the browser skin  
2, optimize the video small window display  
3, support import se7 / se8 collection  
4, win10 dpi125 environment support zoom  
5, optimize the fast save picture logic
Update log: June 9 update (  
1, optimized dpi125% browser display  
2, repair the page to find keywords abnormal problems  
3, optimize the address bar color  
4, optimize the status bar bubble color  
5, repair the plug-in bar drag the insensitive problem  
6, repair the big head synchronization status prompt abnormal problem  
7, repair some other problems with BUG
Update log: May 27 update (  
1, repair a few crashes  
2, optimize the certificate blocking strategy  
3, optimize the kernel cut nuclear strategy  
4, optimize the advertising filter logic  
5, repair the collection column shows the problem  
6, optimize the stealth window  
7, repair the browser language for the English, the address bar down the blank problem  
8, optimize the image magnifier function  
9, repair the collection manager search collection no folder location problem  
10, repair the browser to play video card stuck  
11, repair plug-ins in the stealth window to force the problem  
12, adjust the home page and favorites to open the label location
Update log: May 19 update (
1, optimize the skin  
1) Optimize the default skin style  
2) Add trapezoidal, rounded rectangle label style  
2, repair chrome extension right-click option to open the wrong page problem  
3, repair the new installation of the browser, import the default browser collection problems  
4, repair add collection interface does not affect the carriage return to add  
5, repair address bar cut nuclear icon problem
Update log: May 12 update (
1, repair the default skin label problem
Update log: May 11 update (
1, repair the problem in the collection manager
2, repair love odd art video small window is not correct
3, repair the download manager right - delete the task is not correct
4, optimize the interface display
5, repair BUG and loopholes
Update log: May 4 update (
1, optimize the search bar fonts can not see the problem
2, optimize the speed of 9 theme skin fonts
3, repair the download manager in the right menu is not correct
4, adjust the collection manager interface
5, repair the new tab down the issue
6, repair the browser to start the crash
7, optimization options page display and many other issues
8, repair mobile phone favorites display problems
9, click the home button, modify the new tab to open the home page
10, repair options page cache directory can not change the problem
11, the collection of columns to support the use of the middle mouse button to open multiple collections
12, repair the address bar problem
   1) address bar copy URL, automatic completion of http prefix
   2) Address bar tab search display exception
   3) Fix the label to refresh the address bar URL does not use the current URL problem
   4) click on the address bar two-dimensional code does not respond to the problem
   5) The page zoom status will be displayed in the address bar
13, repair drag the problem is not sensitive
14, repair the main interface did not stop loading the button problem
15, repair plug-in problem
   1) Fix right-click extended icon link is wrong
   2) Repair the extended right-click menu incorrectly
   3) plug-in bar support drag
Update log: April 27 update (
1, optimize the speed of 9 skin
2, support hidden big picture, hidden after using the right side of the menu
3, the user account if there is no mobile phone favorites, it will not show mobile phone favorites
4, repair speed 8.7 upgrade to 9.0 after the data inheritance problem
5, repair the import / export bubble display problem
6, adjust the default width of the collection bar
7, to repair the address bar shield display abnormal problems
8, repair the address bar drop-down panel display abnormal problems
9, repair the address bar copy and paste the abnormal function of the problem
10, fixed the options page some options and some tips box shows the English problem
11, fix the npflash video can not use the mouse gesture
12, fix the shortcut keys F1 can not tune the browser doctor's problem
13, to repair the download manager of some experience
14, to repair the compatibility mode to save the page for the file function failure
15, fix some of the BUG will lead to abnormal collapse
16, repair some other strange problems
17, optimized the overall performance of the browser
April 24 update (
1, upgrade to chrome55 kernel

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Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Компьютеры » Программы » 360 Extreme Explorer (и другие браузеры компании 360 (Qihoo)
gyra (06-02-2018 10:47): 360 Extreme Explorer (и другие браузеры компании 360 (Qihoo)

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