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Модерирует : gyra, Maz

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November 22 Update (10.0.2194.0): NEW  
 1. New Applets 7 Feature
November 11 update (10.0.2158.0):
1. Small program 6 positive  
2. Browser menu bar increases enterprise browser official website entrance  
3. Address bar shows search lenovo SUG word  
4. Increase HARICA (increase HARICA Greek CA) root certificate 3  
5. Fix favorite node deleted Close favorite folder in menu destruction may call deleted node causes crash problem
October 18 update (10.0.2138.0):
 1. Optimizes the experience of small programs
October 14 Update (10.0.2099.0):
 1. Add Himalayan Entrance  
 2. Small program 5 Optimization  
 3. Replace 360 Search Icon  
 4. Optimise Some Experience Issues
September 25 Update (10.0.2071.0):
1. Fix user feedback issues for small programs
September 17th Update (10.0.2032.0):
 1.360 Small Program Shines!  
 2. Uninstall interface optimization  
 3. Solve 12306 pages, click the submit button multiple times, browser card dead problem
August 27 Update (10.0.2004.0):
1. Fix problems with unexpectedly inactive window carousel content  
2. Fix problems caused by wps Cardon  
3. Fix compatibility mode game dll download issues
August 2 Update (10.0.1977.0):
1. Add Pictorial;  
2. Sidebar Add Himalayan Audio  
3. Fix some bugs
July 26 Update (10.0.1944.0):
1.Support state secret ssl sni
2.New version of the newtab  
3.New iTrusChina root certificate 2  
4.Fix an issue agent certificate status prompts security under console
July 12 update (10.0.1920.0):
 1. Add website certificate insecure prompt  
 2. Fix a website saved more than 30 account passwords show incomplete
June 18 update (10.0.1885.0):
 1. Fix some bugs
June 6 Update (10.0.1864.0):
1. New Tab Optimization  
2. Power saving mode optimization  
3. Login box default Panel record how the user last logged on
May 13 Update (10.0.1840.0):
 1 Address bar Auto Fill  
 2. Adjust e-commerce password save logic  
 3. Mobile Authentication Code Automatic login function
April 25 Update (10.0.1818.0):
1. Fix some problems
April 11 Update (10.0.1794.0):
1. Added 360 online documents  
2. Perfect login assistant experience  
3. New tabs Add name station navigation, convenient URL to find  
4. Fix some problems
March 26 Update (10.0.1764.0):
1. Fix some problems
Updated March 22 (10.0.1733.0):
 1. New tab Add Name station Navigation  
 2. Optimize translation Capabilities
March 6 Update (10.0.1698.0):
1. Resolve crash issues that start the GPU process  
2. Fix crash when the sidebar does not initialize when the power-saving icon appears to be completed  
3. Certificate Error page update
February 27 Update (10.0.1668.0):
 1. Optimize the experience of power-saving mode  
 2. Perfect fast clip usage experience  
 3. Fix some problems
January 10 Update (10.0.1634.0):
1. Add common URL features to the Address bar  
2. Resolves some bugs
December 29 Update (10.0.1603.0):
1. Modify font blur under Sesvc large dpi  
2. Fixed an issue where the browser could not open the WhatsApp web version
December 3 Update (10.0.1581.0):
 1, optimize some features, improve stability  
 2, solve some bugs
November 16 Update (10.0.1542.0):
1, Optimization of combined login synchronization tips
2, Fix problems with the white edges of the page caused by scaling under full screen skin
3, Modifying the launch fail trigger upgrade when the main program gets the user data directory incorrectly  
4, Modify the problem of IE kernel scaling function at different resolution
5, Fix the win8.1 version to get an incorrect problem
October 29 Update (10.0.1508.0):
1. Add brand wallpaper and watermark no longer prompt logic  
2. Fix user feedback, when the tab is in the middle, right-click the open page failure condition  
3. Fix user feedback, Favorites bar, button width changed from 150 to 81
4. To modify a bug where the popup crashes and the position is incorrect at large dpi To increase the center display.
October 20th update (10.0.1472.0):
 1. Added full screen skin  
 2. New tab page setting panel adapts full screen  
 3. Fixes nine-page grid page pop-up level confusion  
 4. Solve certificate risk update bug
Update log: October 12 update (10.0.1444.0):
1. Fix Google patch  
2. Fix the video widget in a specific URL white screen problem  
3. Fix favorite title is Persian crash Issue  
4. Modify the method of the Cancel Redirect request
September 21 update (10.0.1422.0):
 1. Optimize sidebar for full-screen experience  
 2. Access to IE nuclear forensics book time function  
 3. Fit into chrome high-risk vulnerability  
 4. Optimize the related functions of the quick-cut collection screen  
 5. Fix the shortcut keys for controlling the video toolbar do not work on SE10  
 6. Repairing the external network crashes
August 24th update (10.0.1383.0):
 1. Sidebar adds novels, comics, games, convenient and fast!  
 2. Optimize the win10 touchpad experience  
 3. Integrate the network shield function  
 4. Optimize the new gpu blacklist  
 5. Optimize the new tab page bugs and experience problems  
 6. Modify the external network crash and feedback
August 9 update (10.0.1350.0):
1. Fix high-risk chrome vulnerability  
2. Small window recording format changed from flv to mp4  
3. Modify the new tab page address bar paste content is cleared  
4. Support using vb6 development Control uses pop-up modal form function
July 27 Update (10.0.1313.0):
 1. Optimize browser recording function  
 2. Optimize the PDF relevance logic, give the user a good PDF reading experience  
 3. Repair Landing Butler part show problem  
 4. Fix the Address bar enter Chinese no question  
 5. Modify bug& increase access to web site security policy
July 20 Update (10.0.1291.0):
 1. Fix user feedback and bugs
Updated on July 13 (10.0.1253.0):
1. Optimize the skin  
2. Fix user feedback and bugs
Updated on July 10 (10.0.1250.0):
 1. Optimize the skin  
 2. Fix user feedback and bugs
July 2 Update (10.0.1233.0):
1. Optimized SE10 Skin  
2. Optimize login Butler usage experience  
3. Fix user feedback and bugs
Updated on June 22 (10.0.1201.0):
 1. Optimize SE10 skin  
 2. Repair security holes  
 3. Fix user feedback and bugs
June 15 Update (10.0.1183.0):
1. Favorites Details Optimization  
2. UI detail and interaction Optimization  
3. Fix user feedback and bugs
June 5 update (10.0.1148.0):
1. Add label management function  
2. Optimize SE10 skin  
3. Fix user feedback and bugs
May 28 update (10.0.1103.0):
1. Fix win10 lower flash game full screen cannot click  
2. Fixed an issue where the font could not be displayed when there was a problem with the system font setting in the xp environment  
3. Fix video screen full screen display problem  
4. The name of the explosion point information is changed to fast information  
5. Fix some other user feedback and crashes
May 18th update (10.0.1084.0):
1. The new SE10 skin: simple, fresh, creating an immersive reading experience  
2. Optimize browser installation volume and reduce disk space usage  
3. Optimize browser startup performance  
4. Optimize the tab switching speed  
5. Optimize favorites management interface operation experience  
6. Optimize web page acceleration  
7. Solve sound problems in video recording under specific conditions  
8. Fix several crashes in specific operating situations
April 28th update (10.0.1043.0):  
 1, fix user feedback and BUG
April 18 (10.0.1017.0):
 1, upgrade to chrome63 kernel

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Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Компьютеры » Программы » 360 Extreme Explorer (и другие браузеры компании Qihoo 360)

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