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Модерирует : gyra, Maz

Maz (18-09-2021 11:48): 360 Extreme Explorer | другие браузеры компании Qihoo (Часть 4)  Версия для печати • ПодписатьсяДобавить в закладки
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Дед Мазай
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August 18, 2021---- 13.0.2256.0 update log:  
 1, repair a default skin problems
May13, 2021 - 13.0.2250.0 update log:  
 1. Fix history loss problem  
 2. Fix developer tool bug  
 3. Fix related vulnerabilities
April 19, 2021 ---- 13.0.2220.0 update log:  
 1, uninstall feedback optimization  
 2, decrypt the failure record registry and backup files for history; The registry is logged when history is cleaned up  
 3, remove some useless function module  
 4, fix the vulnerability
March 24, 2021-13.0.2216.0  
 1. Fix the problem of displaying taskbar in full screen of occasional video  
 2. Fix issues related to Flash display status after core switching  
 3. Other problem fixes  
March 10, 2021 ---- 13.0.2212.0 Update Log:  
1, fix favorites related issues
March 4, 2021 ----13.0.2210.0 Update Log:  
1, Flash-related optimization  
2, developer tools support Chinese  
3, historical data encryption-related optimization  
4, import favorites-related optimization  
5, fix a command line setup problem
6, fix the occasional directory error problem  
7, fix the installation failure temporary directory cleaning problem  
8, fix the user feedback installation of a plug-in failure problem  
9, fix the user feedback download after the file name error problem  
10, fix the user feedback quickly save the picture dialog box to change the picture text does not take effect problem  
11, fix the user feedback English mode next spelling error problem
January 8, 2021 ----13.0.2206.0 Update Log:  
1, fix the installation of unity plug-in, can not switch the input box focus of the problem  
2, fix a website to save the account password, then fill in the misallocation of the problem  
3, fix the home page set to about:blank, reopen the browser address bar input information, out: blank will not automatically remove the problem  
4, DPI is 125% when the special handling of the installation is overwritten  
5, Fix the right mouse click on the options page, occasional crash
6, repair online crash  
7, repair the browser crash caused by applets  
8, fix the vertical problem on the default skin of extreme 13  
9, correct the core menu file  
10 in English mode, modify the cancellation download to close the current tab page problem  
11, in browser doctor and options menu, add frequently asked questions link
December 25, 2020 ---- 13.0.2196.0 Update Log:  
1, optimize a Flash security/compatibility-related issue
December 23, 2020 ----13.0.2182.0 Update log:  
1, fix a number of background crashes on the line  
2, fix sportsbay.org video can not use the small window playback function  
3, fix incognito mode plug-in "tampermonkey" can not be used, prompt "an internal error" problem  
4, fix the mouse key click in the favorite "add to this folder" browser browser Crash issue  
5, URL oa1.anhuitelecom.com Autofill password blacking processing  
6, fix the problem of Ningbo Enterprise Bank software downloaded using 360 browser without signed information  
7, fix Ai Qiyi's https://www.iqiyi.com/v_19rrl9b2bs.html URL open, will prompt not to support the current version of the browser problem  
8, support in rendering thread scrolling animation, and fix the asus notebook touch screen smooth scrolling problem
9, Fix the virtual machine under the open hardware acceleration, maximize the switch to windowing, will cataton show black edge problem  
10, fix 125dpi under the main interface display vertical line problem
December 8, 2020 ----13.0.2170.0 Update log:  
1, repair a number of crashes on the line  
2, repair the login account, manually synchronize the extension of the management page to restore the extended crash  
3, repair the login account, click on the login butler when the browser crash  
4, fix the problem that can not force the switch page encoding
November 24, 2020 ----13.0.2164.0 Update Log:  
1, add some bug fix  
2, fix the problem when saving as pdf when saving to pdf  
3  Fix an abnormal problem when you print a preview of win7
4, fix a problem that looks for the contents of a page by clicking on a user or an arrow up and down, find a problem where the characters of the input box will disappear  
5, the main thread of the main process is stuck in upload optimization  
6, fix the problem of installing Google's extended access page crash  
7, Fix the problem that the password yellow bar pops up 2 times  
8, fixes the problem that the saved multiple account passwords can't switch  
9, fixes the problem that pixels are missing in the three corners of the edge of the default skin browser  
10, fixes the problem that can't uninstall the files under the original path after the overlay is installed into the custom directory
November 18, 2020 ----13.0.2132.0 Update log:  
1, fix the problem in the address bar to keep the characters entered at the beginning  
2, fix xp print preview can not display text, Show is the box problem  
3, fix the login account, the web page shows the disabled cookie problem  
4, fix the new open window, the address bar length will change the problem  
5, optimize smooth scrolling, shorten the smooth scroll animation length  
6, fix the click setting crash problem  
7, Chrome kernel upgrade to 86.0.4240.198
November 13, 2020 ----13.0.2101.0 Update Log:  
1, fix the "chrome classic" skin open new tab black shadow problem  
2, repair np anti-fake death, npflash page fake dead bomb stop plug-in, can not end the projectin process problem  
3, repair xp, print preview caused the page crash problem  
4, repair the opening hardware acceleration, but also start the npflash problem  
5, Fix incognito mode when logging in to Tmall prompt "browser limits third-party cookies" problem  
6, fix toolbar recovery button right-click menu memory problem  
7, tabs menu to add the ability to create shortcuts
November 4, 2020 ---- 13.0.2070.0 Update log:
 1, fix b station video using small window continuous play black screen problem  
 2, fix the option page all uncheicked problem  
 3, repair notebook dpi125, 4399flash small game small window display incomplete problem  
 4, fix hd screen small window display, page size abnormal problem  
 5, fix the big dpi under the small window toolbar disappeared  
 6, solve the user feedback status bar tooltip residual time longer problem  
 7, fix the problem of individual websites automatically fill password  
 8, repair multi-screen, npflash window position display abnormal problem  
 9, fix drag ie kernel switching display, window display abnormal problem  
 10, optimize the video and look at the smooth scroll of the map page  
 11, repair the address bar search needs to press twice to enter the address bar search problem  
 12, fix b station small window function failure problem  
 13, repair address bar brand name panel address bar has been showing the problem  
 14, repair user feedback address bar hover sudden problem  
 15, fix the applets cross-domain access can not display the page  
 16, fix a recommended acfun URL error problem  
 17, fix the two-screen to hd screen skin, minimize and restore the button color abnormal problem  
 18, fix when the page background is dark, open the hot search word pull-down list shows abnormal problems
October 30, 2020 ----13.0.2040.0 update log:  
 1, repair online crash  
 2, fix tab button disappear problem  
 3, repair picture magnifying glass display picture does not disappear problem  
 4, repair some extensions, in some cases has been loaded not completed  
 5, right-click menu back "reload this frame" "view this frame source code"  
 6, fix compatible mode play DPI display problem
October 26, 2020 ---- 13.0.2020.0 Update Log:  
 1, Upgrade Fix Vulnerability  
 2, Fix Online Crash
 3, up to 86.0.4240.112  
October 23, 2020----13.0.2000.0 Update Log:  
 1, up to 86.0.4240.82  
 2, optimize performance
September 24, 2020 ----13.0.1106.0 Update Log:  
 1, optimize three sets of default skin high DPI support  
 2, fix a flickering problem with the startup page from small to large  
 3, fix some memory leakage problem  
 4, fix some crash problems.
September 16, 2020 ----13.0.1088.0 Update log:  
1, Startup speed optimization  
2, Modify the expansion page to show redundant button problem  
3, Memory occupancy optimization  
4, After entering part of the address bar, press tab to crash the problem
5, Some interfaces are supported
September 11, 2020 ----13.0.1054.0 Update log:  
1. DPI can choose whether to change with the system  
 2. Hevc support  
 3. Clear cache can not exit problem  
 4. Mhtml open failure problem  
 5. Look at long picture magnifying glass problem  
 6 , Solve some crash issues  
 7. Some UI issues  
 8. Part of performance optimization
September 4, 2020 ----13.0.1032.0 Update log:  
1, support privacy mode, optimize WeChat login function  
2, fix the problem of page crash under xp  
3, fix the problem of the function button icon is not clear under 125dpi  
4, fix some feedback problems
September 2, 2020 ---- 13.0.1006.0 Update:
1, fix the playback of high-definition video did not turn on the gup hardware acceleration problem
2, fix the big dpi icon is not clear problem: more than or equal to 150DPI support HD icon (dark skin)
3, fix the accelerator clean cache display 0kb problem
4, fix a number of crashes
August 28, 2020 ----13.0.1002.0  
 Update Log:  
 1, Fix the problem of the hevc format video playback flower screen for B-station video playback.  
 2, Fix an exception to the full-screen playback interaction of individual video sites  
 3, Fix 360BBS cannot upload images.  
 4, Fix an issue that PP Sport/Mango TV video cannot be played.  
 5, Fixes an issue that a web image cannot be copied.  
 6, Fix Chinese a translation yellow bar appears on the website.  
 7, Fix an issue with an abnormal messaging feature.  
 8, A large number of label slide display optimizations.

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Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Компьютеры » Программы » 360 Extreme Explorer | другие браузеры компании Qihoo
Maz (18-09-2021 11:48): 360 Extreme Explorer | другие браузеры компании Qihoo (Часть 4)

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