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Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Компьютеры » Программы » 360 Extreme Explorer | другие браузеры компании Qihoo

Модерирует : gyra, Maz

Maz (18-09-2021 11:48): 360 Extreme Explorer | другие браузеры компании Qihoo (Часть 4)  Версия для печати • ПодписатьсяДобавить в закладки
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Дед Мазай
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November 6, 2020 Update - 12.0.1592.0 New  
 1, optimize a number of features  
 2, optimize animation performance  
 3, fix memory leak problem  
 4, fix URL error  
 5, fix Youtube play button disappear problem  
 6, solve user feedback status bar tooltip residual problem  
 7, replace the background map of the search bar address bar
Updated October 16, 2020 - 12.0.1567.0
 1, Fix a Bug
October 15, 2020 Update - 12.0.1566.0
1, Fix Memory Leak Problem  
2, Login Protocol Optimization  
3, Fix english mode, search bar right-click menu and search bar pull down to show abnormal problem
4, fix extremely fast 11 skin cpu abnormal problem  
5, fix a compilation error  
6, support chrome shell
7, add and optimize some other functions.
Updated September 28, 2020 - 12.0.1550.0
1, Fix Online Issue  
2, Detail Optimization
Update on September 17, 2020-12.0.1548.0
 1. Add 2 Certum root certificates  
 2. Add 2 GlobalSign root certificates  
 3. Other style updates and control logic repair
Updated September 15, 2020 - 12.0.1524.0
1, Search Box Optimization
September 11, 2020 Update - 12.0.1502.0
1, Support 360 applets  
2, New Tab Optimization  
3, Tray Function Adjustment  
4, Fix Online Crash  
5, Fix Some CVE Vulnerability  
6, And some other adjustments and optimizations.
August 28, 2020 Update - 12.0.1478.0
 1 Fix individual crashes
Update, August 11, 2020 - 12.0.1476.0
 1, Add Privacy Protection  
 2, Optimize Login Interaction  
 3, Optimize Game Box  
 4, Add Root Certificate  
 5, and other issues fixed.
16 July 2020 update - 12.0.1458.0
 1, Fix some issues
July 14, 2020 update - 12.0.1434.0 New  
 1, Lab New Features  
 2, Game Box Feature Optimization  
 3, Fix User Feedback and other issues
June 24, 2020 update - 12.0.1412.0
1, optimize game toolbars  
5, fix translation yellow bar blocking problem  
6, fix the use of 360 browser security decompression switch does not take effect  
7, fix JD.com login password does not prompt to save payment password but prompt to save the problem  
8, fix the defbrow version number  
9, fix the address bar pull down, 360 recommended beyond the background problem  
10, Fix trapezoid label vertical bar issue
11, Fix watermelon video crash problem  
12, fix se12 close browser adso dot d field for 0 problem  
13, fix exit browser crash problem
June 12, 2020 update - 12.0.1386.0
1, Rollback performance modifications to address feedback on red blocks in online label bars
2, Fix escans that show download failure after download file ends
3, Modify address bar drop-down, 360 recommended background out of question
4, Delete com.cab.temp file, remove invalid download request
June 11, 2020 update - 12.0.1368.0
1, Fixes an issue when downloading a double suffix file name that is not handled correctly
2, Fixes problem with the browser crashing when logging in the English language  
3, Protect against new download task crashes
4, Protect against drag collection crash for favorites menu
5, Protect against failure to create font DC
6, Extremely new installation skin default use Chrome 78 skin  
7, Self-upgrading mechanism optimization policy code adaptation optimization
May 29, 2020 Update - 12.0.1344.0
1.Optimising the game box feature increases the option to close the game toolbar
2.Fix the problem with command line pdf start browser unable to open pdf
3.Fix problems with favorite import sledding on multi-bullet WeChat landing
4.Fix the certificate error page blank
May 19, 2020 Update - 12.0.1322.0
 1. Rollback PDF Modification Resolves User Feedback  
 2. Game box adds feedback entry and dot combing  
 3. Fix cookies that set the wrong cookie in a situation
May 15, 2020 Update - 12.0.1296.0
1.Optimize Game Box Plug-in  
2.Optimize WeChat Login  
3. Fix User Feedback
Updated May 9, 2020— 12.0.1268.0
 1. New game box plug-in  
 2. New WeChat login function  
 3. Several user feedback fixes
April 21, 2020 Update - 12.0.1247.0
3.xp default ban gpu process 6. Show http protocol header  
1. Cancel to determine whether the default browser case reset option page  
2. Fix the problem that the extension app snake clicks can't run.  
3. Fix the problem that qq mailbox display garbled  
4. Fix the problem that opens the hdr browser display exception  
5. Fix the abnormal display of the data, the label, the toolbar icon does not show clear  
6. Fix the ie window shutdown failure issue  
7. Fix Youku black block issue  
8. Fix the favorite display abnormal problem  
9. fix download preview shows abnormal issue  
10.Fix online crash  
11.Fix CVE vulnerability
April 1, 2020 Update - 12.0.1212.0
1. Change first time no longer default use dark mode  
2. Solve menu incognito window front page black problem  
3. Solve the problem in qq click link does not hang the browser window front  
4.Some online crash modifications
March 24, 2020 Update - 12.0.1190.0
 1. Fixed the problem that "IE kernel popup opens with a new tab" does not take effect
 2. Prohibition of injecting extensions into some domain names  
 3. New purity of new tab Search mode  
 4. Fix several CVE vulnerabilities  
 5. Fix several crashes
March 21, 2020 Update - 12.0.1150.0 New
1. Fix several online feedback  
2. Fix a number of CVE vulnerabilities  
3. Fix a number of crashes
January 1, 2020 Update - 12.0.1053.0
1. Fix the problem that opens the web play video and clicks the full screen button invalid
2. Repair playing video, use the FN volume key to adjust the sound, security browser icon problem  
3. Fix the taskbar icon on the right-click menu, open a new open window, build a normal window problem  
4. Replacement d3dcompiler_47.dll solves GPU white screen problem  
5. Fix mute failure sits under XP
December 26, 2019 Update - 12.0.1016.0
1. Fix the problem that the login box didn't respond to the return of the car  
2. Fix the problem that the http yellow bar doesn't disappear  
3  Fix the problem that the incognito window doesn't support multiple accounts  
4. Fix the problem that ie closes the label  
5. Fix the problem that the control recognizes incorrect
6. Repair the case of turning on hardware acceleration, Browser can't show problem  
7. Fix problem slaying can't save the web page for mhtml format  
8. Fix the problem of dragging the modal box from the main screen bar to the secondary screen.
9. Fix the problem of minimizing the problem when the browser taskbar closes the browser and the exit confirmation box becomes larger
10. Fix ssl privacy prompt button can not click the problem  
11. Fix the problem that the blocked windows are no longer blocked after the address bar intercept panel is expanded
12. Fix options page secondary page can not see the problem  
13. Fix english mode, click on the replacement path on the new download panel, no response problem  
14. Fix the menu opened by clicking the option button to display abnormal problem  
15. Fix the problem of browser crash in some cases
December 16, 2019 Update - 12.0.1014.0
1) Fix shortcut crashes
December 13, 2019 Update - 12.0.1012.0
1) New Install Uninstall Interface  
2) Optimize part of the default skin effect  
3) Optimize dark skin under HD screen effect  
4) Fix on dns security resolution, click restore default settings can not restore the default problem      
5) Fix the search bar drop-down box after entering characters will appear a bit and then disappear
6) Fix key space Alt pop-up address bar name plate problem  
7) Fix activation input box, cursor does not flash effect problem  
8) Fix pdf file opened with browser, load out of the problem  
9) Fix check edging out of browser clear part of the Internet traces ineffective problem  
10) Repair Collection loss issue after double-covering installation EE 11
11) Fix dark skin, restore web button to prevent recovery is also a highlighting problem  
12) Fix picture magnifying glass look at the meager long picture, picture can not scroll problem  
13) Fix save page, page resource name with "download" end of the problem  
14) Fix history search matching issue  
15) Fix problems that in some cases have browser crashes
November 29, 2019 Update (12.0.1010.0)
 1) Upgrade chrome kernel version for
 2) Optimize the display of high-level dark mode  
 3) Fix qq mailbox page crash issues      
 4) Fix Violent Monkeys and other extensions crash issues
 5) Fix chrome classic skin, open new tabs, favorite bar blacking problem  
 6) Fix incognito mode, edge skin, favorite drop button can't see problem scant
 7) Fix favorites Icon spacing change big problem
 8) Fix ctrl f find input keywords, switch to other tabs without recording before looking for keyword issues
 9) Fix the right-click menu "Use Thunderbolt download all links" can not call up the problem
 10) Fix some website small window play or back Out of the small window play, will restart playback issue
 11) fix some cases of browser crashes
November 25, 2019 Update (12.0.1008.0)
 1) fix favorite icon blank issue
 2) DoH feature modified to default off
 3) repair favorite management page, search results no bookmarked folder
 4) repair switch to English language, some text or Chinese
 5) fix extended push messages, no Questions about displaying pictures
 6) Optimizing the effect of built-in pages such as new tabs, options pages, favorite management pages on dark skins
 7) Optimize menu In Dark Skin Display  
 8) Favorites name will appear in omit after sorting by name
 9) Fix the problem of copying GIF motion picture on the page to the QQ dialog box not playing continuously
 10) Fix the problem of ui animation still
 11) Fix the "IE inner nuclear bomb window open with new label" function does not take effect
 12) Repair "IE kernel open data execution protection (DEP)" function does not take effect
 13) Fix page zoom reset back 100% address bar zoom icon is still in issue
 14) Fix some extension installation error issues
 15) Fix some cases of browser crashes
November 15, 2019 update (12.0.1006.0)
 1, repair drag page or label insensitive problem  
 2, repair mobile phone account login browser, account information loss problem  
 3, repair check exit clean-up, favorite icon loss  
 4, repair mouse gesture on the right to close other tabs, does not take effect problem  
 5, repair save page for picture shortcut ctrl m does not take effect problem  
 6, repair extreme speed 8 skin problems, label off X, not in the middle of the red zone problem  
 7, repair favorite management page can not drag problem  
 8, repair click on the favorite menu button, each time is click to open the problem  
 9, repair the click button to move away, the button or press the status problem  
 10, Fix the default zoom set in the advanced settings after the issue does not take effect for all pages  
 11, fix developer tools, in stand-alone window mode, each time open will automatically maximize problem  
 12, repair right-click picture when the first option is "Open picture in a new tab" instead of "picture saves as" problem  
 13, fix some cases, the page can not be muted problem  
 14, fix the problem that does not display when the input method does not display  
 15, fix some page video window does not take effect problem  
 16, fix the browser page crash problem  
 17, optimize the browser's memory usage and startup speed
November 11, 2019 Update (12.0.1004.0)
 1. Kernel Version Upgrade to 78.0.3904.872.  
 2. Fix the Collection Bar Web Icon Auto-Disappear  
 3. Fix full-screen situation, display extension icon issues  
 4. Fix each startup needs to reset common favorites problem  
 5. Fix the right-click close label occasionally invalid problem  
 6. Fix the custom font maximum number under the address bar two-dimensional code prompt imperfection problem  
 7. Repair save password prompt bar remove check, still will appear to save password prompt bar problem  
 8. Fix printing has been loading problem  
 9. Repair with Ctrl mouse zoom page, address bar right magnifying glass does not have problems  
 10. Repair mobile extension icon, icon position and cursor position is not consistent problem  
 11. Fix Skin 7, Address Bar Nameplate Left Problem  
 12. Fix the missing icon problem in new tab  
 13. Fix the problem of enabling picture magnifying glass function, managing enabled website not effective issue  
 14. Fix direct drag icon link to desktop, can not generate shortcut issues  
 15. Fix the problem under the xp system, can not pop up the file selection box  
 16. Fix the problem that some interface sits abnormal problem  
 17. Fix problems where browser pages crash in some cases
November 6, 2019 Update (12.0.1002.0):
 1, fix the installation of some ad filtering extension when the open page crash  
 2. Fix the display error under 125 dpi  
 3, fix the home page open location error  
 4, repair the expansion hide, restart the browser failure  
 5, repair small window playback can not remember the window position  
 6, fix the download interface to determine the button does not show the problem  
 7, fix the problem of mouse gesture display incomplete  
 8, repair label fixed sound icon and website icon coincide  
 9. Fix the problem of displaying the extension icon in full screen  
 10, fix full-screen state does not show exit full screen button  
 11, fix the problem of restarting browser maximization state loss  
 12, fix part of the interface shows the problem of disorder  
 13, fix the problem of the failure of the custom cache directory  
 14, fix the problem of right-click closing label failure  
 15, repair can not adjust the extension position to the right  
 16, fix some cases of slow browser start-up problems
November 4, 2019 Update (12.0.1000.0): New
 1. Rising to Chromium 78.0.3902.0  
 2. support for 4K video playback  
 3. DNS encryption anti-hijacking  
 4. New Dark Mode

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Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Компьютеры » Программы » 360 Extreme Explorer | другие браузеры компании Qihoo
Maz (18-09-2021 11:48): 360 Extreme Explorer | другие браузеры компании Qihoo (Часть 4)

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