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Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Hardware » Магнитные носители информации » Ремонт накопителей WD (Western Digital). Часть IX

Модерирует : Akam1, Dr_StandBy, Dekker

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Western Digital ACRONYMS
1394 IEEE Standard for a High Performance Serial Bus
ABA Absolute Block Address MSB(CYL HI) MB(CYL LO) LSB(SEC #)
ABCD Burst Servo info embedded in data tracks
AC Abort Command
AFXMT Advanced Architecture Surface Formatter
Ambient Room Air Temperature ±3° C.
API AT PCI Interface card
API Application Program Interface
ARCO Advanced Read Channel Optimization
ASCO Advanced Servo Channel Optimization
ASPT Advanced Single Plug Tester (Advanced Single Plug backend)
AST Application Specific Test, embedded SW running on SDC card
ATA AT Attachment
Bad Block RBBlist marks a block as bad
BBD Bad Block detected
BPI Bits per inch
BOM Bill Of Materials
Calibrate Table of mag field strength vs.head location across full stroke
CC Cell Controller, system application used to monitor drive’s test inside SPT
CCC Cell Controller Configuration
CCS Channel Characterization Station
CEU Command Execution Unit
CHS Cylinder, Head, Sector
CORR Data was Corrected
CIA Command Index Array
CIM Computer Integrated Manufacturing, a type of data collection system
Cluster Number of cylinders a head crosses before doing a head switch
CPM Customer program metrics
CSD Cache Segment Descriptor
DAM Data Address Mark
DAMNF Data Address Mark Not Found
DASP Drive Active/Slave Present
DCM Drive Configuration Matrix
DCT Drive Configuration Table (RAM image of config sector)
DFP Drive failure protection
DMA Direct memory access
DMS Document Management System
DPPM Defective parts per million?
DRDY Drive not Ready error
DRM Drive Reliability Monitor
DRQ IDE signal
DSC Drive Seek Complete error
DSFIS Drive Shop Floor Interface System
DST Drive Self Test
DTR Data transfer rate
DUT Drive Under Test
DWF Drive Write Fault
DVT Drive Validation Test
DX Disk Controller
EAR Engineering Action Request
EB Engineering Bulletin
ECC Error Correction Code
ECO Engineering Change Order
EIDE Enhanced Integrated Drive Interface
EL Event Log
EPM Engineering program management
EPU Error Processing Unit
ERR Error bit in status
EVT Engineering Verification Testing
FCI Flux changes per inch
FCS Final Configuration Station
FDP Firmware Development Process
FIMMS Factory Integrated Manufacturing Management System, a type of data collection system
FIT Functional Integrity Test
FPC Fixture Personality Card
FQA Final Quality Audit
FQA Final Quality Assurance
FROT Field Reliability Ongoing Test
FSM Frame Sync Mark
FTC Controller Firmware Engineering Verification Test
FTS Final Test Station/System
FW Firmware
G list Grown defect list (set to empty by FTS)
HALT Highly Accelerated Test
HAM Host automation Module
HDA Head Disk Assembly (sans PCBA)
HDD Hard Disk Drive
HDS High Density Servo
HOST SW Application used to configure and dispatch files for CC and AST use
HSDT Hard Sector Descriptor Table
HSSM Hard Sector State Machine
IBI Intelligent Burn IN
IBI Logs
ID Inner Diameter
IDC Intelligent Drive Controller ( 1 Micro Processor Per Slot )
IDE Integrated drive Electronics
IDM Intelligent defect Margining (scratch handling)
IDNF ID Not Found (LBA error)
IDO Initial Drive Optimization
IDS1 Interconnect Data Server
IDT Initial Drive Test (SPT)
IEC International Electrical Committee
IMP IBI Monitoring Program
IMRD Marketing {*}ment doc
ITR Issue Tracking Report
KFCI Kilo Flux Change per Inch
LBA Logical Block Address
LOB Line of business
LOH Labor overhead
LOETHE Low end of the high end
LT Log Tools
LTR Lock to Reference
LVD Low voltage differential (SCSI)
MCAL Magnetic Calibration Data
MD Middle Diameter
MDOS Multi-Tasking Drive Operating System
MMS Margin Monitoring System, a type of data, contains drive processing status
MPU Micro-Processor Unit
MR Master revision
MRI Magneto Resistive head Instability
MTBF Mean time between failures
MTTR Mean time to repair
Native Mode Diagnostic mode
Nonoperating Drive power off
Nonrepeatable Error Data, ID, or framing error that doesn't recur when command is immediately repeated
NRRO Non Repeatable Run Out
NRZ Non return to zero
OD Outer Diameter
OEM Original equipment manufacturer
Operating Power on spin up, calibration complete (drive ready)
ORT Ongoing Reliability Test
OTP One Time Programmable
P list Primary defect list (IBI)
PD list Push Down list
PERCO PRML Enhanced Read Channel Optimization
PES Position Error Signal
PIO Processor input/output
PM Program manager
PMM Program manager meetings
POR Power On Reset
POST Power-on self test
PRD Product specifications/{*}ments document
PSG Personal storage group
QRD Quality {*}ment document
QVT Quality Verification Test
RBB list Relocated and bad block list
RCC Rack Controller Card (Xyratex)
RCF Reconfiguration
Recalibrate Heads moved to track 0
Recoverable Error Data, ID, or framing error is recovered when host retries are enabled
Repeatable Error Recurs on repeated command
RLL Run length limited
ROI Return on investment
RPD list Reserved cylinders push down list
RRC ROM Resident Code
RRO Repeatable Run Out
RSC Rescreen
RT list Relocated Track list
RVT Reliability verification test
RWC Read write current
RWCCS Read Write Channel Characterization Station
RWE Read Write error rate
SAM Error
SBC Serial Bus Controller
SBW Single Block Write
Scan Out Serial number mismatch check
SCT Sequence Control Table
SDC Smart Drive Controller, 12 SDC card inside one SPT, each SDC card controls five drives
SDH Select Drive and Head number register
SECBITMAP Sector to Bitmap table
SNR Signal to Noise Ratio
Spare Sector Area At Inner Diameter of drive
SPC Statistical Process Control, a type of data contains Servo Writer Status
SPT Single Plug Test or Sectors per Track
SRA Schedule risk assessment
SRE System reliability engineering
SRF Software Release Form
STW Servo Track Writer
TA Thermal Asperity (MR heads read bump friction heat as signal)
TAA Track Average Amplitude
TARE Transparent Auto Relocation
TBMT Track Bit Map Table
TD list Track descriptor list
TE Test Engineering
TMR Track misregistration
TOC Time Offset Count (locates data following wedge)
TPI Tracks per inch
TPM Technical program metrics
Translate mode Seen by end-user
TRL Test {*}ments list
TRN Test Release Notice
TSC Technical Screen
TTM Time to market
uJog HandlesThin Film Read and MR write elements offset
UNC Uncorrectable data error
Unrecoverable Error Host retries fail
UUT Unit Under Test
VCM Voice coil motor
WCT Writable Control Store (on host)
Wedge Holds header and position data
Window Block of counters enabled by a specific event
x-skew Handled by surface format
XYRATEX Company that provides SPT tester chamber and related SW
y-skew Handled by servo offset during read (uJog) (HSDT)
ZHS Zoned Head Switch

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Компьютерный форум Ru.Board » Hardware » Магнитные носители информации » Ремонт накопителей WD (Western Digital). Часть IX

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